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Legend Samsung Customer Care Center is a licensed Samsung service center in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. We have a franchise agreement from SAMSUNG to repair, callback, sell and maintain Samsung Electronics like SMART TV’s, LED TV’s, Curved TV’s, Home theaters, DVD’s and home electronics like washing machines, refrigerators, gas cookers, blenders, microwaves etc.

Warranty products

Legend Samsung service center is a licensed customer care under franchise by Samsung Electronics to repair, replace and callback defective Samsung household electronics under warranty.

Non-warranty products

Legend Samsung is the best place to fix your Samsung products. You get to use genuine spare parts ordered directly from Samsung Electronics headquarters in South-Korea.

Support Center

In addition to support with relevant information either physically or online, we seek to satisfy the expectations of our valued clients.

Trained Technical Team

We have a tech team, trained specifically to service Samsung Electronics. You get to avoid non-professionals manhandling your valued electronics via errors of omission or commission.

Original Samsung Electronics

Buy original Samsung electronics from a company that has a direct relationship with Samsung Electronics. Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy.

Pickup & Delivery Services

We place high premium on our valued loyal clients via prompt responses for pickup, working on deadlines and home delivery services after repair.

Feel free to contact us | 08168390079